Save while you spend

With Woolsocks, you can get as much as 50% of the money you spend back. It’s called cashback and Woolsocks gives it to you at over 35.000 stores. 

What’s cashback?

What’s cashback?

Free money, basically. It means getting a portion of your spend back as a reward. And we’re not talking about loyalty points, or vouchers. We’re talking about cold hard (digital) cash. It piles up in your Woolsocks cashback sock, ready for you to redeem whenever you like.

Great deals

Perfect cashback deals just for you

If you connect your bank accounts to Woolsocks, we’ll use your spending habits to find the top cashback deals for you. It’s totally your call if you want to opt in. If you don’t want the app to see your spending history, you’ll still be able to get all the same deals – we just won’t be able to personalize them for you.

The cashback… It’s GROWING

The cashback… It’s GROWING

It’s just what happens to the cashback you earn – every year it gets 3% bigger just by putting it in your Woolsocks savings sock. 

35K cashback deals in one place

35.000 cashback deals in one place

Woolsocks gives you cashback at more stores than anyone else (over 35k, since you asked…). And you don’t need to hunt them down either. Just kick back and shop how you want, knowing you’re piling up money by spending it. 

The best cashback deals you'll find

The best cashback deals you'll find

Our cashback deals can be as high as 50%. That’s half of what you spend, straight back at you. And it’s the highest cashback you’ll get anywhere. Trust us.

Pick where your cashback goes

Pick where your cashback goes

Your cashback arrives in your Woolsocks cashback sock. Where does it go next? That’s totally up to you. You can set cashback up so it automatically goes straight to your current account, your savings sock or savings account, your chosen charity, or you can mix and match. If you do decide to donate your cashback to charity, we’ll donate our commission too. Win win. 

How does it work?  

Woolsocks has cashback deals at over 35k stores, which means you’ll be able to get cashback on almost anything you shop for. Here’s how. 

  • Choose

    When you choose your cashback deal from inside the app, you’ll be able to see all the info you need – the store, the T&Cs, and how much cashback you’ll get. Choose the cashback deal to be taken to the store’s site, make sure cookies are turned on so that your cashback deal can come with you.  

  • Shop

    As long as you don’t close the tab or app you’re shopping in, the cashback deal automatically applies. If you do come out of the store’s site, just make sure you go back in via the app so you don’t lose your deal.  

  • Get paid

    Your money arrives in your Woolsocks cashback sock the moment your purchase goes through. From there you can transfer it to your current account, your savings sock or savings account, your chosen charity, or you can mix and match.