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The Woolsocks app gives you a new way to manage your finances. One that’s smart, simple, and saves you money.  

In the old days, managing your finances was as simple as stacking up some cash. Stuffed under a mattress or, like in some cultures, in a wool sock. Today, there’s a whole host of smart tools that can help you spend less, save more, and know the score when it comes to your money. Woolsocks is where to find them.

We want to donate 500 million euros to charity anually by 2026

Carlos Valenzuela Salafranca COO

What is the mission of Woolsocks?

We’re here to help everyone make the most of their money. Woolsocks is a set of smart money tools that automatically ensure you never spend more than you need to. Plus, Woolsocks lets you do good, with cashback donations to the charity or cause you choose. Small choices add up to seismic changes. That’s why Woolsocks has teamed up with major retailers to give you a smart simple way to start donating money to the causes you care about, whether that’s a global charity or your local football team.  

How Woolsocks saves you money

No one wants to waste money, but finding deals and keeping your finances tight can be a full-time job. Let Woolsocks do it for you. Our app is packed with features that work away in the background to keep your finances ship-shape. Woolsocks lets you see where your money’s going and get savvy with your daily spend. It spots and helps you cancel zombie subscriptions. And it gives you live cashback deals, so you can shop knowing you’re not spending a cent more than you have to.  

Put money aside for whatever you’re dreaming of

Put money aside for whatever you’re dreaming of

Bring your own bank account, or open one with us. The free account let you put money aside for whatever you’re dreaming of – traveling, studying, or that new outfit you just can’t live without. 

We believe that...

Everyone deserves the kind of freedom that comes from being on top of their finances.

Saulius Mikalonis Product Owner

Save money. Feel better.  

Everyone loves having spare cash, but saving money can mean so much more than a bit of extra pocket money. 

Save money. Sleep better.  

Fridges break. Pipes burst. Cars break down. No one likes to think about disaster striking and, if you’ve got a bit of a buffer in the bank for when it does, you won’t have to. 

Save money. Feel free. 

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can take the pressure off. Having more lets you live life how you like and pay for it sustainably. 

Save money. Reach goals.  

A wedding, a weekend away, a new trampoline for the kids... We’re not saying lottery wins don’t happen, but saving up for your dreams is the surest way of making them a reality

Meet the Woolsocks team...

Dovile MarcikonieneRisk and Compliance Manager
Carlos Valenzuela SalafrancaCOO
Saulius MikalonisProduct Owner
Julija TarvydeScrum Master
Kyrylo PanovReact Native Developer
Lina AlsauskieneFinancial Controller
Lina GrigonyteOperations Manager
Vitalijus SerpytisSenior Application Functionality Manager